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The Flyka dolly is unlike almost anything else on the market. It’s unique design has been ergonomically built around the camera position options & camera operator, as well as other crew members needed on-board, such as follow-focus, sound, additional Grip & DoP to approve takes on the fly & saving huge amounts of time with playback.

The super-smooth electric motors ensure a safe & smooth ride that is kind to camera rigs, without the jolt of engine equivalents. There are also no fumes or noise to contend with for talent or athletes & no vehicle juddering.

This vehicle is also designed to fit into places that other vehicles are either not allowed or will not fit. We get permission in public parks, between the bollards to prevent vehicles, up pavements, between lampposts, down alleyways, along corridors, as well as on public roads in controlled settings.

There is no rest time required for any crew & the time footprint is tiny compared to most.

This vehicle works best with stabilizing equipment, just like any other tracking vehicle: Steadicam, MK-V, Movi, vertical isolators, but also used with Easy Rigs & hand-held.

This is not here to replace other filming vehicles, such as quads, rickshaws or Segways, but another tracking tool, with some nifty design added that is totally designed around the camera & crew, along with step on/off options for one-take shots.

This is a totally modular design that will be rigged to your own spec, along with my tracking shot advice to create a quick & easy solution where nobody gets tired & cameras can be moved on & off the dolly quickly & efficiently.

Vehicle per day £625 + vat
Operator per day £225 + vat
Five-day dolly hire £2150 + vat
Five-day operator hire £800 + vat
Travel expenses at cost

Costs include delivery & collection to all major cities & within reason on the UK mainland. Any obscure locations can be discussed.

Modular & designed around camera operator & crew

Fits though very narrow spaces & passes risk assessment

Travels up to 30MPH

Crawl speed is seamless with fast acceleration

Shoot front, rear or sides. High or low mode.

Record sound during takes, due to electric motors

Hard-mount to the vehicle for Steadicam provided

Step on/off

Smooth take up for shots from standstill

Comes with Grip to rig & drive

Small rig & re-rig time