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The Flyka electric dolly is a new way to look at filming options as well as saving many hours between shot set-ups & laying track etc whilst still having the ability to record sound during filming.

The reaction from the industry has been overwhelming from such a simple fundamental concept that could both enhance & change the way you film, giving new thought to creative ideas & a new life to tracking shots.

The filming platforms are not there to replace Track & Dolly, Peewee, Rickshaw & Segway etc, but to be yet another working tool to allow DP's & Grips to have as a very affordable option that enables & enhances new types, styles & levels of creativity.

Cost per day £625 + Fuel + vat
Per week £1800 + Fuel + vat
£200 travel day if required

Costs include delivery & collection to all major cities & within reason on the UK mainland. Any obscure locations can be discussed.

The future will demonstrate lighter vehicles, jib cranes, remote control etc. We accept & hope you do that these are just conceptual prototypes that have been built as working vehicles for the industry.

The motor will be able to achieve much higher speeds & with different wheel & tyre set up, we will create all terrain vehicles that will be the one-stop shop for location filming platforms.

Your feedback & involvement will be what shapes the Flyka Dolly, which is why we are keen to get this seen, used & tested by the industry, so we can make future models to suit every filming aspect on a global scale.