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Electric Tracking Dolly
For TV & Film


Flyka™ is part of BooBoo Technical & Creative. We are an innovative production company, specialising in Tracking Vehicles and Aerial Filming and Photography.

Our crew are highly skilled, police trained operators with over 30 years experience in film, television and media so you can be reassured you will get a truly professional, bespoke on-set camera support service, allowing you to focus on creating maximum impact while maintaining maximum safety.

Our tracking vehicle is unlike almost anything else on the market! It's unique, eco friendly, modular design means it can be built around you and it’s super-smooth, silent motor means you can capture those challenging, seamless motions shots quickly and efficiently, without compromising on night time filming or audio on the move.

It is designed to complement, not replace, other tracking vehicles you may be using on your shoot, in fact it is a perfect partner to aerial filming using drone technology, that we can also provide at BooBoo Technical & Creative! (Visit for more information).

Hire Costs

Please get in touch with us for hire costs of the Flyka dolly.

In Short

  • Modular & designed around camera operator & crew
  • Fits though very narrow spaces & passes risk assessment
  • Slimmest wheel set-up is 33", (84cm)
  • Travels over 25MPH on straights
  • Crawl speed is seamless & smooth with fast acceleration
  • Shoot from front, rear or sides. High or low mode.
  • Record sound during takes, due to electric motors
  • Klassen Hard-mount to the vehicle for Steadicam is provided
  • Step on/off adjustable plates heights
  • Smooth take up for shots from standstill
  • Includes Flyka rigger-operator
  • Small rig & re-rig time