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Electric Tracking Dolly
For TV & Film

Flyka NSPCC Running Sequence

Tour De Yorkshire

Subway chase scene

BTS Projektmcr

Silent, Flyka tracking vehicle shot of race horse, using Movi M15 & Sony F5
Aerial footage:

Spinters 100m BTS

Paint Balls directed by David Schofield | Pepsi Max. Unbelievable. #LiveForNow

z G Drag?-Tonys Settings Web HD

Flyka Promo - Electric Tracking Dolly

Man Down - Channel 4

Feature using Flyka Electric Dolly/Tracking Vehicle

Keaton Henson - To Your Health - Random Acts [HD]

Eddie Izzard: Join In UK

Mark Webber - Formula 1

Sky One: HD Tiger Aspect Mount Pleasant

Z TSP Skaters Tonys Settings Web-HD

Z Tiffen SAE Tonys Settings Web-HD

Charlie Feature Run Sequence

Flyka Dick & Debs - How we shot with Steadicam


Holker BMX

Flyka & Movi with Vespa

Feature using Flyka Electric Dolly/Tracking Vehicle

Kelzo Hulme Retro

Jon Robb Shoot