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Electric Tracking Dolly
For TV & Film

Our Productions

Mark Webber F1 Advert

Director: Peter Corbett
Stedicam: Felix Forrest

Five by Five Give Me Fiction

Film Short: Nicki Perkins

Edge of Heaven UK Comedy Drama

Director: Sandy Johnson
Stedicam: Roger Tooley

Commonwealth Games Liquid TV

Producer: Jessica Clark
Stedicam: Chris Hutchinson

Eavesdrop Films G-Dragon Music Video

Stedicam: Doug Walshe

Man Down UK Comedy Drama

DoP: Francis De Groote

Kick Feature

Phill M Films

Starlings TV Drama

Baby Cow Director: Phillipa Langdale

Eddie Izzard Join In

Borther's and Sisters

Tiger Aspect Mount Pleasure Sky Comedy

Director and Stedicam: Al Tramontin

Redbull Advert

BMX Stedicam: Felix Forrest

Theatre of Dreams Feature

Stedicam: Dan Bishop

Dick & Debs Promo

Producer: Jana Kennedy
Stedicam: Chris Higgins

Tooting Broadway Feature

Stedicam: Doug Walshe

Life Sentence Film Short

Director: Piere Aim
Stedicam: Dan Bishop

Scrum Like it Hot Feature

Director: Martyn Chalk
Stedicam: Felix Forrest

Charlie Feature

Director: Mike Ogden
Stedicam: Felix Forrest